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Wed., Bazar Labrin
22-28.10. Festival Kreol
23-25.11. Ocean Festival
By plane (approx. 8-9 hours) to Mahé (main island), to the other islands by plane, ferry or helicopter. The only non-stop-flights from Europe to Seychelles:
by Condor (from Frankfurt/Main, Germany)
by Air Seychelles (from Paris, France).
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Entry · Visa
Passport have to be valid for +6 months. EU citizen will get VISA upon entry. Return ticket, hotel confirmation and cash might be checked.
Mobile · On The Way
Planes/Helicopter & ferries from island to island. Good asphalt covered roads.
On Mahé/Praslin: bus/taxi/car rentals. Pls. check cars & bicycles before hiring. Note: left-hand traffic on the Seychelles.
Money · Currency
Seychelles Rupie (SCR/SR); 100cents = 1 SCR/SR
1 € is approx. 14-15 SCR/SR
Note: a lot of activities have to be paid in foreign exchange.
Climate · Weather
Tropic island climate with high humidity among 30° C; & water temp. around 26° C. Showers from December-February
Tip: sufficient suntan lotion
Live-Weather & Westherforecast
Clothes · Dress-Code
Light summer clothing. Short sleeves/sleeveless tops/shorts/skirts. Slightly more formal in the evening. Swimwear recommended.
Telephone · Internet
Countrycode: +248, Internet-domain: .sc
Cellphone: spacious with roaming. Telecoms: Cable & Wireless or AirTel
Tip: buy a PrePaid-Card & use W-LAN's
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TV · Radio
SBC, local TV station, int. TV-channels via Cable-/SAT-/IP-TV
Radio: SBC AM, Paradise FM& PureFM
mostly spacious
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Electricity · Adapter
Electricity: 240 Volt, 50 Hertz. Plugs using the british system (3 pins). Highly recommended to use adapters.
Timezone: +2 or +3 hours, actual time: see above
short sunsets, typical for equator zone
Language · Culture
Creole & English are widely writen/spoken (offical). Partly French, German is not common
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Further More · Good-To-Know
By the way, in Seychelles ..
there are no dangerous animals
completely free from Maleria
no tropical stormse
no vaccination needed, unless coming from Africa